The Eko-Konnect 2023 Users Conference, Theme: PROMOTING NIGERIAN RESEARCH WITH OPEN SCIENCE, will be held online from 24-26 January 2023. This year’s conference will hopefully be the last online conference before reverting to a hybrid (physical and online) conference in 2024.

The 2023 conference theme continues the drive for the adoption of open science policies, capacity building, and infrastructure to enrich and expand Nigeria’s research and scholarly output capacity. It will also explore how the NREN and Citizen Science with students can contribute to the growing need for Earth Observation (EO) and Geographic Information solutions to counter increasing climate change and food security concerns.

The conference will consist of presentations from a variety of speakers from the Nigerian Research and Education policy discussions and thematic sessions addressing different aspects of Open Science, Open Access, and Citizen Science and implementation of lifelong education identity eduID as the bedrock for Open Science infrastructure. Each session will include interactive discussions between participants and speakers with the goal of having the voices and work of Nigerians heard and seen by the global research and education community.